Topdressing sands, used for frequent applications on greens, tees and fairways should be produced so not disrupt play because of oversized particle disbursement.

   TDS 40 is medium-coarse and TDS 60 is medium-fine containing pure sand . The TDS 60 meets California greens specs and both meet USGA particle distribution standards. The sands grain shape is subrounded to subangular making it more stable than typical round grain dune or silica sands. Our water classified sand is produced to a 1 mm/18 mesh screen giving quality and consistency in our topdress sand while others will allow up to 10% in oversized particle.
    By using metered bins and a top quality screening process, our customer’s demands for specific variations in our custom blends encourage the outcome of healthier greens, tees and sports turf. We stock only the highest quality sphagnum peat, black peat and sandy loam topsoil for use in our blending process.

   Dried Sand is for golf courses who choose to use a straight sand in their topdressing program.

   Classified Dune Sand