• Wedgewhite
  • Autumn Gold
  • Pro Angle
  • #8 and #10 Special
  • Limestone Sand
  • Locally Produced
  • Matched Drainage Gravel

  Wedgewhite is a soft white-colored bunkersand with a natural angular grain shape. With the highest "fried egg" resistence of any natural sand tested, Wedgewhite was the choice for the 1996 US. Open at Oakland Hills Country Club in Birmingham, Michigan. Fried egg test wars followed creating sands so firm that golfers find bunkers easier to hit from than turf. A 2.55 fried egg test result and bunker drainage over 30 inches per hour makes Wedgewhite a premier bunkersand that is playable and firm, but not hard.

    Autumn Gold Wedgewhite has often been called "awesome gold" by golf course superintendents because of its beautiful golden-peach color. Autumn gold is made at the nearby sister plant to Wedgewhite and shares its playing characteristics while possessing its own natural gold color. Lost Dunes, located near the shores of Lake Michigan, has made Autumn Gold Wedgewhite their choice of bunkersand because of its optimum playing characteristics while still maintaining a harmonious balance with the area’s natural dunes.

   Pro Angle is the only 100% crushed quartz sand allowing for the ultimate in plugging and wind erosion resistence. Pro Angle has been a selected choice by both Muirfield Village and Jack Nicklaus as a bunkersand. Buff white color and good drainage make for desirable play.

   The #8 and #10 Special Bunkersands originate from the same production site as our topdress sand. Adding 1-2 mm grit and 140 mesh sand raises the fried egg test to 2.2. Attractive and affordable, these two bunkersands have the color of dune sand with improved playability.

   Limestone Sand can be used as both a firming amendment or by itself. Some golf courses favor a bunkersand that is off-white and very firm to make hitting out of the bunkers tolerant of the average clientele. This is a less-expensive alternative to Pro Angle but will require more frequent raking to maintain.

   Locally produced bunkersands come from carefully selected vendors who are reliable in creating top quality bunkersands unique in texture and color variations. We continually test the available reserve for quality assurance and maintain the highest standards for material shipment to our customers. Both Warwick Hills Country Club, home to the Buick Open and Indianwood Country Club, uniquely designed with a natural "Scottish styled" look to it’s bunkers are popular to locally produced material.

   Matched drainage gravel provides significant drainage in periods of heavy rain. It prevents infiltration of bunkersand into the gravel layer thereby reducing the potential of drainage backup.